A database of Novel Metagenome Protein Families

A database of Novel Metagenome Protein Clusters

A database of Novel Metagenome Protein Clusters
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User Manual


NMPFamsDB is a database which hosts novel metagenome protein clusters with no or weak hits to Pfam or Reference genomes and aiming at significantly expanding the protein family space known till today.

With NPFAMsDB you can:

  • Explore the novel protein families and their genomic content
  • See their habitat distribution
  • Follow their biogeographical trademarks
  • See their taxonomy information
  • Explore potential novel structures and folds
  • Use Hidden Markov Model (HMM) and sequence-based searches for querying the protein clusters
  • Filter information by smart filters at any stage of analysis

NMPFamsDB has the following pages/sections:

  • Home: The NMPFamsDB Home Page
  • Browse: The database browser. You can browse NMPFamsDB contents from the following subcategories:
  • Sequence Search Tools: Perform sequence-based queries. The following options are offered:
    • LAST Search: Perform pairwise alignment searches using LAST.
    • HMMER Search: Perform HMM-powerred sequence searches using HMMER.
    • Pattern Search: search sequences using PROSITE-like sequence patterns or regular expressions.
  • Visualization Tools: Perform various types of analyses. The following options are offered:
  • Programmatic Access: The NMPFamsDB Application Programming Interface (API).
  • Statistics: An overview of NMPFamsDB's contents and their distributions.
  • Downloads: Download NMPFamsDB contents in various file formats.
  • Manual: This Help Section.
  • Contact: The database's contact information.


NMPFamsDB is publicly available through http://nmpfamsdb.pavlopouloslab.info or https://bib.fleming.gr/NMPFamsDB.

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